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What is the 1-800-Recycle database?
How can you use the database?
Who should use the database?
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What is the 1-800-RECYCLE database?

The Washington State Department of Ecology maintains a database of recycling opportunities available in Washington State.

  • History - Since 1976, information from this database has been available by calling 1-800-RECYCLE (1-800-732-9253), the state’s toll-free recycling hotline.
  • Contents - The database contains information provided by the organizations that operate recycling sites and services in Washington State.
  • Updates - Every six months to a year, Ecology staff contact those organizations to update their information.
  • Limitations - The services provided at last report are subject to change (due to fluctuating markets, political developments, or other causes). We therefore advise you to call a firm or agency directly before transporting anything to a location.

How can you use the database?

  • By telephone - You can still dial 1-800-RECYCLE and talk to a real person, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays).
  • On-line - You can search Ecology's recycling database directly on the Internet and use it to locate sites or services that recycle or safely dispose of household wastes. Click the "1-800-RECYCLE (On-line)" logo at the top of this page to begin a search of the database. You will need to select a customer type, a service type, and one or more counties. You can then select a category of material you are interested in, plus one or more of the specific materials listed under that category.
    On-line Results - You will find more details about a particular service on the list if you click "Select" to the left of that service. If you still need more details, phone numbers will be found in the listings. And you're always welcome to call 1-800-RECYCLE during business hours.

Who should use the database?

  • Household recycling - The database presented here lists services available to private households. In many cases, these services would not be available to businesses.
  • Residence requirements - In cases where a service is funded by a local government agency, use of the service might be limited to only those households located within that particular county or city. This is particularly true of the household hazardous waste (HHW) sites listed in the database. Not only will they turn business waste away, but in almost all cases they will also turn away residents of other counties.


Ecology does not endorse any of the companies or guarantee the quality of the service provided. This database is not necessarily complete, and there may be other companies qualified to offer these services in addition to those listed.

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