What Happens to Recycled Glass?


This is the beginning of Glass recycling called cullet.

When glass jars and bottles are recycled, they are first sorted by color.

Loaded on truck and transported.

The glass is then loaded onto roll-off trucks, dump trailers or gaylord containers and transported to the nearest processing facility.

Transported to Glass processing facility.

The glass is then unloaded at one of the facilities and stored in a bunker.  When they are ready to use the glass it is loaded into a feed hopper then moves up a conveyor and under a large magnet that removes ferrous metal. Next the glass passes through picking stations where ceramic and foreign material are removed manually.

Crushed Cullet

The glass is then crushed into uniform size and called cullet. The cullet is then mixed with other raw materials to create a batch mixture and ready to be made into new bottles.

New glass bottles made from recycled glass.

The glass is then ready to be shipped to bottling companies for filling and distributing.